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Taxes and the Home Buyer

You are in the market to buy a home and are not sure how the HST impacts your situation.  Or even if you are a home owner, at some point when you sell, you will hopefully buy.  Either way, the following may help you understand how the taxes will apply to your situation.  Please note that the following is for general information only.  For complete details, please visit ...

Locating your business for success

Your business location can be critical to your success.  Careful consideration of all of these factors should be made before deciding on a space. Location First and foremost, you should think about the location you want for your business.  For existing business, you may want a location near your existing client base, or an area into which you want to expand.  New businesses may want ...

Buying in a Seller’s Market

Buying a home can be very frustrating in a seller’s market:  homes selling before you can bid (or even see them), multiple offer situations and the disappointment you feel in losing your dream home to another bidder. Some ideas to help: Work with one Realtor Find a Realtor that you like.....someone that listens to you and seems to be hard working and well connected in the marketplace. ...

Toronto real estate cooling? Nah

Toronto real estate cooling? Nah By Susan Pigg | Fri Apr 20 2012 Toronto’s gravity defying house prices should continue their upward climb over the next three years with gains of about 4 per cent both this year and next, predicts a new housing report by Central 1 Credit Union. That means the average Toronto home could cost $523,000 by the beginning of 2014, up from about $500,000 right ...


   Combustion Gases Homes with gas appliances generate concentrations of gasses such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide. In a case of inadequate furnace ventilation these gases could leak into the living area and form a common household pollutant. They can be present in the kitchen, basement, living room, or furnace room.  In the following section we discuss the molecular ...
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Buying an Old House - A Money Pit or a Gold Mine?

  It's like a love affair; some older homes make your heart skip a beat. It is hard not to fall in love with an older home’s historic unique architecture, gabled roofs, hardwood floors, crown moldings and antique light fixtures—older homes definitely have their charm. The plastered walls, leaded glass windows, original chandeliers, and oak paneling make an old home as attractive ...