Are Surveys Required?


 Condo Apartments or Condo Townhouses

A clause in the offer to purchase for the vendor to provide a survey for a condo is not needed since condo plan surveys are always on file in the land registry system and are too bulky for dealing with copies in processing a sale transaction.

      Detached, Semi-Detached, Link, Freehold and Townhomes              

Even though a purchaser might obtain title insurance (which can eliminate the need for an up-to-date survey or any survey), a clause in the offer to purchase which requires the vendor to provide an existing survey is important since the purchaser of a non-condo should obtain a survey copy for future reference if the purchaser should ever want to consider location of lot boundaries for the purposes of fence locations or for the purposes of an intended addition or improvement to the property.

The survey copy is also useful to check lot size, location of building on the lot, set backs, encroachments, easements, etc. which can be reviewed by the purchaser’s lawyer when doing the legal processing for the purchase.

The survey clause should not require a vendor to provide an existing survey copy and one which shows all improvements to the property since 98% of survey copies are only the original builder foundation surveys which are typically never updated when an owner adds decks, fences, patios, inground pools, carports, garages, sheds, minor additions, etc.

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