Are you thinking to buy or sale your home?

             Are you thinking to buy or sell your home?

Figure it out:

  • How much can you afford?
  • Check your credit report
  • Save for down payment
  • Figure out how much your home is worth
  • Prepare your home for showing
  • List current home on the market
  • Post open house
  • Consider offer
  • Draft and negotiate the offer
  • Find lawyer
  • Figure out what type mortgage you need
  • Shop around for best mortgage lender
  • Get pre-approved for mortgage
  • Decide where you want to live
  • Decide what you want in your home
  • How good is the school? 
  • Check local property taxes
  • Go to open house
  • Search the neighbourhood
  • Figure out how much you can offer
  • Submit the offer
  • Complete mortgage application
  • Arrange for home inspection
  • Negotiate for any repairs
  • Have property survey
  • Review condominium status certificate 
  • Do title search
  • Obtain title insurance
  • Arrange home owner insurance
  • Calculate your closing costs
  • How much you need to bring to the table

I hope you can remember all of the above; BUT, why not make life easier and call me, your professional realtor, today

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