Ask Gitta: "Can you give us some safety tips for the winter" (2nd article in the 6 part series of "Senior's Moment")


Dear Gitta:

Question: Can you give us some safety tips for the winter – we have just moved into an older home with a fireplace, after having lived in an apartment for most of our lives. Are there any safety precautions we should be concerned about in regards to home fire hazards, as well as hazards outdoors?

Gitta answers:

Winter Safety Tips For Homeowners

Winter is a time for fireplaces and cozy evenings at home. But a cozy evening can turn disastrous if certain safety precautions aren’t taken. Here are just a few safety tips:

Keep a screen in front of your fireplace, and don’t leave the room without it!

A mirror hung over the fireplace may look nice, but it invites guests to stand too close to the fire.

Don’t put items children are likely to want on the mantelpiece.

Adding atmosphere by draping a table lamp with fabric is a real fire risk as well – opt instead for a pink light bulb.

When grandchildren are visiting and sleeping over – make sure that their nightwear is flameproof – a child can burn in 15 seconds! (The difference between flameproof and flame-resistant designations is: if flame-resistant garments are washed in soap or non-phosphate detergents they can lose their resistance.)

Drawstring closures on children’s winter jackets and play suits can be dangerous. If caught while playing, the child’s airway may be restricted.

Keep your walkways shoveled and free of ice.

Make sure you store anti-freeze in secure containers and wipe up any spills. It is a poisonous substance that animals find tasty.

And lastly, for all you “Snowbirds:” – remember to turn off the water and drain your pipes if you are going away. Otherwise, you might find burst pipes as a welcome-home present.

Have a great Winter!

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