Attention All Realtors® Bill 55 Is Here!


Starting July 1, 2015 all brokerages across Ontario on behalf of Sellers must meet new requirements for handling offers.



 It is your responsibility to make sure you are familiar with the new requirements regarding the handling of offers and offer presentations.  This isn’t a suggestion!  It’s the law! 

  • You must learn how to use the new paperwork, and the process involved in presenting and receiving offers. 
  • Attend our office meetings and information sessions. 
  • Check your emails and in-house personal folder for more information. 
  • Managers will not be conducting one-on-one meetings with agents.   

Also, be aware that other brokerages will be using either OREA’s

Form #801, or developing their own forms.  We are directing our

front desks to attach our in-house document to all our listings

when broker loaded. 


If you load your own listings, make sure you

attach our Summary Document with a direction for co-operating

brokerages to download and attach it to their offers.




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