Best Toronto Condo Info Sites

Toronto continues to have one of the most active condo markets in North America with literally hundreds of cranes dotting the skyline city wide. With so much in development it is often difficult to keep up on progress of in-construction buildings, buildings in sales and completed projects. 

There are a few sites I find useful for keeping track of this info. is a public forum with individual threads on nearly every project either contemplated or in construction in the city as well as many already built projects. Check out the 400 foot list for the status of Toronto's top building projects. Urban DB has info on 6967 buildings throughout the Golden Horseshoe. Find info on construction date, developer, number of units, floors and height. is another great site for construction new and old. Easily searchable with links to builders and developers. has the largest collection  of Toronto photos of any site on the web. If you love to see images oif Toronto, visit this page!


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