Business Opportunities

This year, there has been a large number of buyers looking for businesses for sale. The increase in numbers tells me that employers are more and more working their staff harder and not paying more for the workload.

The increase and demand for small business opportunities is a fine line for many buyers. There are many different industries one can get into. The most common is the element of high demand:  food, transportation, entertainment and dry cleaning. You can see that Tire and Auto businesses bring great value to anyone with management skills and a passion to work with people. The food and restaurant industry is another key step to growth and asset accumulation.  The cash industry is very challenging; however, many real estate owners have been in the food industry for years.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or interest to make the leap from your job to your own business. I represent several franchises with  great reputations and a desire to help their stores succeed.

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