The three main factors to remember when choosing a hose reel are the size, shape, and type of hose that you are using. If you use an industrial size hose for your watering needs than you need to make sure that your hose reel was built for an industrial size hose. When choosing a hose reel make sure you notice which hose lengths are compatible with the hose reel. A thirty foot hose will not fit on a hose reel with a maximum capacity of 25 feet.  Even though it seems like a trivial difference, placing a hose that is too long on a hose reel will damage the hose. The last factor to think about is the size of the hose reel. If you are planning on mounting the hose reel on the wall, make sure that the wall is strong enough to hold the hose reel and the hose when it is full of water.

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