Curb Appeal


Curb Appeal

First look, first impression; if you’re planning on putting your home on the market, it’s essential your house has curb appeal. Creating curb appeal doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A simple ongoing maintenance can make a world of difference. Rule of thumb is keeping it simple.

Tidy up

Remove weeds from your lawn and clean plant beds. Prune overgrown shrubs or get rid of them if they’re beyond salvation. Make sure all the edges are clean and straight. Prepare the beds to add some mulch to give it a fresh look -good quality mulch, pine mulch or something that has some color.

Love your lawn

Give it a nice maintained look. Water the lawn on a regular basis to keep it looking green, “The greener the lawn, the better”. If it needs a bit of help, add some fertilizer, scatter a layer of compost soil over the surface of your lawn to improve the quality. Where the grass meets walkways, curbs or the driveway, take a spade and remove at least an inch of grass.

Finishing touches

You also have to examine how your doors, fixtures and facade appear from the street. If the front of your home looks dreary and run down, it might be a wise idea to add a fresh coat of paint or replace weathered elements altogether.

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