DOM = Days On Market "Consumers don't be fooled!"

Often consumers ask their REALTOR(R) "How long has this property been on the market?"  Unfortunately there are a few REALTORS (R) who are NOT aware of their own Board's MLS rules.  Please ensure you know all the activity that has occured on the property of interest to you, for at least the last few years minimum.  

Often listings are TERMINATED then put up again on MLS.  Sometimes this can take place within minutes.  For example, when you view a listing showing DOM (Days On Market) ten days, it is very possible that the listing has been on the market for some time.  The property may have just been terminated and put back on the market as new listing.  Unfortunately the consumer is being fooled if all the history regarding the property is not searched. Also, the DOM information that is automatically batched to the Canadian Real Estate Association ( then onto Statistics Canada ... is also NOT correct.  Thus, the ACTUAL DOM that it took for homes to sell within a specific area(s) could/can easily be incorrect.

Consumers, please ensure you have the ENTIRE history of the property.  If you are a client with Century 21, your REALTOR(R) would be more than happy to provide you with the history of the property along with any other information regarding the property (within the law).

 "We are looking out for YOUR best interest!"   

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