Do You Have Either Of These Two Problems In Your Bathroom At Home?

Is Your Bathroom Problem Free? 

Find Out If You Have Bathroom Damage That Could Be Resolved Before It Gets Worse

Since the bathroom is one of the smaller rooms in our homes, it can be one of the best ones to start a home renovation project in. We have spoken to many homeowners who would agree with us, but some that consider the alternative; if their project is not completed in a timely manner they may be left them with one less facility to use in their home. This could especially be a real objection if you are only living in a one bathroom home.The bathroom is a room in our home that most of us visit at least once a day. How often do we think of improving this space for our own comfort and of course as part of our regular home maintenance? Let's talk about two (potentially) nasty problems you might find in your bathroom at home. 
The key to any home renovation project would be to do your research and plan your project in advance. Committing to a timeline might encourage you to get the job done yourself in a timely manner. If you are still not feeling too confident, but still want to give things a go, consider having a home improvement or renovation specialist on hand to take over the project for you if matters get messy. Always be sure that you budget for this type of scenario if you choose to use it as an alternative.

Here are a couple of problems that could be in your bathroom. You should look to see if you have either of these problems exist in your bathroom, as a regular bathroom maintenance check. 

Do you have black dots or white dots on bathroom walls or bathroom ceilings?

If you notice black dots or white dots on your bathroom walls or ceiling, this could mean that you have a moisture problem. Where there is excess moisture or humidity molds will form and bacteria will grow. This can also happen if there is not enough ventilation in your bathroom or even if your bathroom is not cleaned regularly. 

Mold on bathroom ceilings may require professional removal. A general guideline to follow that will help you to decide if professional assistance is required is that if the affected area covers 10 square feet or less, you can attempt to clear the affected area yourself. 

Mold can be recognized as little black or white spots on your ceiling or bathroom walls. In order to remove it, you must not only clean the affected area but also kill the bacteria, so that mold does not reappear. 

This type of mold usually appears as a result of bathroom moisture that has turned into mildew. This could be the start of property damage and cause health issues. 

Mold that is left to fester can seep into paint and become harder to remove if left to grow. Alternatively, breathing in this mildew means breathing in unnecessary bacteria. 

How to remove black dots, white dots, mold or mildew in your bathroom click here

Do you have damaged or missing caulk around your bathtubs, faucets, vanities or showers?

The most common reason that caulking gets damaged in tubs around bathroom tile is that it simply wears out. Just think of how many showers or baths you take at home, and how often your bathroom sink and bathtubs are used. Recaulking is something that should be observed and updated as regular home maintenance. 

If caulking is left when it is not in good condition that makes for a broken seal between the water that you use daily for showers or baths and the bones of your home. Water damage is a lot more costly to fix than caulking in your bathroom. So we are here to help you learn how to do it yourself.

To find out how to fix damaged or deteriorated caulking in your bathroom click here. 


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