Easy improvements that will affect the saleability of your property

 Home owners may improve the saleability of their home by following the simple and cost effective steps bellow :

- Maintain neutrality, by using neutral coloured paint on the walls and simple furniture.  Prospective buyers can create their own  vision of the property.

- Less is more.  By removing extra furniture, rooms will appear more spacious, leaving more "elbow room"  when showing the property to prospective buyers.

- Smell is  very personal, so avoid strong smells, especially the ones caused by pets, trash, food with strong smells. The property needs to be spotless clean.  Avoid cooking and open up the windows before showings.

- Pay attention to details. While a major renovation may not be a good idea before listing your property, because you may not recoup your investment, small inexpensive changes may spruce things up.  Replacing the hardware on cabinets, upgrading light switches and outlet covers, steaming the carpets, a fresh coat of paint are only a few ideas.

- Curb appeal.  The front of the property is what prospective buyers will see firs;, keep it clean and presentable. Clear and welcoming walkways will give a positive first impression.

- Don't get too personal when it comes to displaying personal items. When preparing the home for showings, personal items, such as family photographs, should be put away...as well as laundry, newspapers, or any lingering items. 

- Repairs should be taken care of before listing the property, so they are out of the way and there is one less thing to worry about.

Don't underestimate the first impression your property gives to prospective buyers. It can make  the difference between a successful sale or no sale at all.


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