For Buyers: Location, Location, Location!

We all know that when it comes to selecting your new home, “location”, is the number one thing on everyone’s must have list. We all want the best home in the most ideal & desirable location.  Why is this? Well, simply put, the location of your new home is directly-related to the lifestyle that you want to have. Therefore, before you start out on your new home search it is incredibly important that you ask yourself the following questions.  More importantly, is that you answer each question honestly and thoughtfully.  Here are some questions for you to consider when searching for your new home. 

 What consumer-type services and amenities are available in this location?

Things to consider are proximity to grocery and convenience stores, restaurants, gas stations, entertainment facilities, libraries, recreation centres and religious institutions. For example, if you love shopping and the closest mall is an hour away, this location may not be the most ideal one for you.



If you have children, where are the schools and where are the school boundaries? For those with children, are there adequate daycare providers?

This one can be make-it -or-break-it for some parents. Always be sure to check what school district your new house is in so that you avoid being disappointed if your children are unable to attend a desired school because you just bought 2 or 3 streets out of the boundary perimeter. An inadequate supply of daycare providers in the area may remove this location from the list right at the start.


Where are the local health are providers?

Does this area have access to family doctors, dentists, walk-in clinics, hospitals etc. For those with health concerns, being close to such facilities may be critical.



What are the average travel times and availability of public transportation in this area?

With so many people commuting these days, this may be the single most important criteria when deciding on location. Sometimes an additional 15 minutes of travel time can be enough to remove a location as a contender.



What is the neighbourhood like?

It is always recommended that you visit your desired location at different times of the day to get a good feel for the neighbourhood. Try to look for signs of things that are important to you for example; are there lots of younger/older children, people with dogs, people out jogging, older couples, pride of ownership in the houses, lots of cars, very few cars, etc? Make your observations based on how you feel you and your family would fit in.


With all of these things in mind, and questions answered, you are now ready to begin your new home search!

 Helping you make a house your home,


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