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Georgina Real Estate-416-885-2441

Well it's another good year in the Georgina real estate market, more now than ever we're seeing a good upwards trend in the real estate prices and real estate listings on MLS. It has been a pleasure working with excellent clients who own residential homes in Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Keswick, Sutton and most of Georgina. Major discussions this year on building new homes as well  .

This year Aspen Ridge has planned on building new homes in a new subdivision at The Queensway and Ravenshoe. First phase has been sold out pretty much since it started. However there is some talk that phase 2 is on the way. Most of the homes being sold are detached 1200sqft-2000sqft. Many people are excited and expecting a good return on their investments.

Georgina and HWY 404 have had a great impact not only on residential home prices, but as well as boosting the population. Another good point to add is the schools in the area. From what I've been told the school rankings in Georgina, Keswick specially is that the schools have good high ranks. This is extremely important when discussing home prices and mls listings.

Now it is important to remember many towns make up Georgina's real estate market. Pefferlaw, Sutton, Keswick, Baldwin, and other small towns. All of these towns in Georgina are doing very well in regards to real estate market. Georgina Real Estate is happening and has been doing very well in regards to renovations of old bugalows and georgina home listings.

The next big step when planning on selling a house in Georgina is to find yourself a excellent Georgina realtor, and you know who Pasquale Belfrutto -416-885-2441 can be found on . Feel free to contact This Georgina realtor with all you real estate needs     

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