Happy New Year - 2014 is looking good!

Wishing you all the best in the next 12 months.  It seems Mother Nature really has been upset about something this last while, first by sending us the ice storm prior to Christmas and having homes without power, some from hours up to 7 days.  My home was lucky; we were out for 36 hours, but we also have a small generator which is hard wired to the furnace to keep us warm, and the fridge cold.  That might be something you consider in the near future.

We rolled from that excitement into Christmas, then coasted into 2014, at which time we had the coldest weather in years and lots of snow storms, with school not getting underway until 2 to 4 days later than planned.  I think we are now on the smooth track and finally enjoying seasonal temperatures with a recent flash melt this weekend, allowing the ice to be chipped away and the water not to be pooling. I know we are Canadians and complain over cold, hot, taxes, government -- in fact, most things, but we are hard workers and proud! 

Again, my wish is for a happy healthy 2014 for you and your family, and if that happy healthy includes a move, remember I am your lady!

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