Help! What colour should I paint my house exterior?

Before you start to colour the exterior of your home, what part of Toronto or Greater Toronto Area you live in should be considered. From a resale perspective you should base it on the target buyer market for your home or the demographics in your neighbourhood. If you changing colours for your own pleasure or just revitalizing the exterior with a fresh coat of the same colours, then that is a different story. Here are some ideas.

Consider the style of your home: What sort of architectural style is your home? Is it very contemporary or Victorian? Certain house styles have corresponding colouring styles and to the very least should have certain architectural features stand out based on colour scheme. Some research into the architectural style will give you some painting ideas.

Consider your neighbours: Before you even begin looking at the endless array of being swatches at your local paint or home improvement store, look around the neighbourhood to see if there is a common palette. That is not to say you should paint your house the exact same colour as your neighbour. In fact, do not do that! Nothing looks more cookie cutter than row after row of houses painted the same colour. Though if you street is painted in neutral colours, stick with the general taste of the street and don’t paint your house purple. If you are surrounded by art-deco style, you can probably give a daring palette a shot.

Go bold: Rather be bold than boring. You should not feel obligated to look a certain way. If there are no architectural controls and you are not in a historic property or historic neighbourhood, then you are pretty much free to do what you want. Incorporating eye catching colours, something unusual, murals, accents or hues to your front door, optical illusions, fun with window & door trims, the ideas are endless.

Tip: If you are good with photoshop, why not try it on the computer before you colour the real thing. Take some pictures of your home and apply the colour scheme on the computer before hand. It will be much cheaper experimenting and you can do up some options and get opinions from family and friends. 

Want to find out what is popular these days? Email your address to for colouring ideas.  Happy painting!

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