What a wonderful time of the year!  Christmas is here!  Feel the holiday spirit!

This is the day to spend with your family and friends.  There is nothing better than decorating the house, getting gifts for the loved ones, sending Christmas cards and decorating the Christmas tree.

We try to come up with some new memorable ways to spend our holiday every year.  Let us try rural atmosphere this time.

You can spend your holiday at the cottage.  You can decorate live trees around your cottage, decorate your deck and of course the front door.  Enjoy the warmth and smell of the wood burning fireplace, listen to the sounds of winter forest, admire the birds that live in your area and are looking at you from their Christmas trees. Spend some time near the water to appreciate the beauty of the sparkling ice and the view of snowflakes melting away when they fall on water.

What can be more relaxing then the warmth and coziness of your cottage.  Merry Christmas to everyone!


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