Innisfil Heights

Another accident requiring emergency response occurred April 11th at the intersection of Innisfil Heights Crescent east intersection and Innsifil Beach Road. One of the many blind intersections on this stretch of road. The speed limit changes to 80km at this location and you cannot see anyone coming up the hill. It should also be noted that within the posted 60km area the vehicles are often going above the speed limit. For law enforcement to enforce this stretch of roadway it is both unsafe for them and for others.

The residents on the NORTH side of Innisfil Beach Road exit from their driveways onto this highway. I’m certain there are numerous accidents that are NOT reported. Please note we are not talking about one or two driveways. There must be at least 25 driveways on the NORTH side alone between the 10 Sideroad and HWY 400.

Again, I’m very concerned for the residents now having to walk across this stretch of road to obtain their mail. The Post Office will no longer drop off mail at the end of their driveways because of the danger to the driver. School buses will no longer stop on Innisfil Beach Road along this stretch because of the danger to everyone. Yet, the children, elderly walk from Innisfil Heights Crescent and cross Innisfil Beach road. At one time when I lived with my parents this was also a deer crossing area.

At this point I have warned the County of Simcoe, the Mayor and our local Councillor on more then one occasion. I know all of you are concerned about the safety of our residents. Let’s get something implemented quickly to lessen the occurrence of a tragedy.  

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