Just A Little Place In The Park (Toronto's Unique Dining Experience)

Just A Little Place In The Park

(Toronto's Unique Dining Experience)

I'm just throwing this out there as a possible new food program for Toronto, that could help wipe clean the stain left from the, oh so badly failed, "A La Carte" Fiasco.

Toronto is quickly falling behind on the Food Truck Sensation that swept the continent, and while there is still some hope for this industry to have life in the city, maybe there are some new options out there that are more fun and could be considered a 'Toronto Original'.

The city could maybe give out a dozen permits for setting up food concessions within city parks.

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Forget about selecting and imposing a location, hours and menus on Operators. Give them Carte Blanche to set up in which ever park they want whenever they want (subject to minor provisions regarding safety of customers and proximity to other food service operations). Operators could run a facility out of a fully equipped concession trailer, while another could operate on a picnic table with a grill and some cooler- let the operator decide!

Maybe one week they could set up on the Beltline North of Eglinton for lunch and Dufferin Grove Park for dinner. The following week you could find them in Grange Park during the day and Gzowski Park at night. Have lunch overlooking the Scarborough Bluffs one day and at the bottom of the Ski Hill at Earl Bales on another.

Sometimes they could set up in groups and sometimes alone, let them choose. Sometime you may find them at the mouth of the park, close to transit and parking, while some days you may have to hike in a few hundred meters to enjoy your meal.

Oh...and let them sell beer and wine! (that's a dream that will never happen).

People could make adventures out of visiting them, experiencing new parks where they may have never ventured.

We can track them by Twitter, Facebook and on city sites.

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