Lillian's Success Journal - Around and About in Thornhill

On a wonderful spring day, driving around the Atkinson area, near Arnold and Bayview, one sees just the beginnings of a cleaning up from winter and a sprucing up of homes.  Not very many are available for sale, but just the thought of moving is exciting.  Relocating takes time and consideration.  It is best to make a good impression when selling the home. Consult with a Home Inspector to validate the soundness of your investment.  Maybe a few perks could help, like a fresh coat of paint, replacement here and there, etc.

Right now, the interest rate is exceptional, housing prices are hopeful.  The next step is to visit a mortgage consultant to advise you of the amount of credit you are able to handle comfortably. 

Homes in the Thornhill area hold a variety of styles.  The detached freehold homes are very attractive.  Again, different styles, two- storey and multi-level open concept look spacious and inviting.

Every year, monthly sales figures climb steadily through May, and people are buying homes because they are confident in the current economic recovery and mortgage payments on the average home remain affordable.

The average price for March was a 20% increase and 18 average days on the market until sold;  average price in NO1 - detached houses - $719,684.00, Semi-Detached  - $368,000.00, Link - $457, 500.00 - Condos - $270,917.00.

"Look for double-digit annual price increases to cease later in 2010, as new listings rebound from the low levels experienced in 2009.  Increased listings will give buyers more choices resulting in less upward pressure on home prices" said Jason Mercer, TREB's Senior Manager of Market Analysis.

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