Managing GTA Growth

Managing GTA Growth

The GTA is expanding at a rapid rate. By most measures, around 100,000 new residents are added every year. That level of growth cannot be accommodated in the city proper let alone the downtown core. When you take into account the entire Golden Horseshoe area (Niagara/Waterloo to Peterborough/Clarington up to Barrie/Orillia), that number increases to around 150,000. Forget about accommodating this level of growth within the densest urban areas. It is not possible.

The question becomes what we can do to make the suburbs and exurbs more urban, sustainable and livable?

The "Places to Grow" program addresses this issue as does the city of Toronto's "Avenues" initiative by looking at opportunities for creating denser urban centres with a mix of residential and commercial uses throughout the region.

Creating transportation connections to and between these centres, encouraging diverse development, giving greater leeway to zoning amendments will go a long way towards easing the burden of sprawl on the environment and our municipal services.

Look where the growth is occurring and make those areas work better. Don't blame or punish people for choosing to live in quality affordable housing further out, it is their choice. Do what it takes to make this choice better for all.

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