March Break Ideas

 March Break Ideas 

     "I’m bored!There's nothing to do." Those words are enough to make a parent's heart sink like a stone. Spring Break, or March Break, is just around the corner and a week of unstructured time could be a kid's recipe for boredom. However, a little planning around your personal time and budget, and you can craft a unique and interesting March Break plan for your family.

     Sometimes the best resources are right under your nose. Local community centers offer a wealth of activities and camps for kids, at surprisingly low costs. Don't forget to check out public pools, libraries and ice rinks as they also have spring break activities on the go.

     They say two heads are better than one -- so how about several? Get together with other parents and arrange to take charge of the kids and activities for one day of the week each. This way kids get a fresh family spin on their holiday, and it's perfect for parents who can't take the week off work.

     Finally, we’re all guilty; postponing activities with our kids because our everyday lives are so busy. So here's your chance to make up for all those broken promises; play that game of hockey, finish that scrap book project, makeover the kids' messy rooms -- or whatever else you never find the time for. The important thing is doing an activity you both enjoy, purely because it's something you're doing together.

See, it's easy -- with a little planning this year's spring break can be action-packed without breaking the bank!


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