Natural Remedies for Families and their Children

Always consult with a physician when considering practicing natural remedies. Natural remedies can be a great alternative in conquering discomforts. Here are five natural remedies to share with your family.

Baking soda has traditionally been a remedy for anything from teeth whitening to natural multipurpose household cleaner. Did you know that baking soda can also be used for bug bites? Baking soda being alkaline counter acts the acidity in the swelling of bug bites. To use this home remedy mix one teaspoon of baking soda with just enough water to make a creamy mixture of the two ingredients. Apply the mixture to the affected ‘bug bite’ area and allow drying.    
 Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd. houses for sale homes communities best neighbourhoods With the warmer summer season under way families enjoy spending time at local pools and splash pads. It’s not uncommon for children to return home with an ear ache or plugged up ears. Would you believe that a hair dryer is the solution to this discomfort? Ears become inflamed when bacteria and water get trapped in the ear canal and result in pressure and pain. Standing approximately a foot away from the ear with a blow dryer on a warm setting pointed towards the ear can help to dry up the affected area. This is a great first step and alternative to over the counter ear drop medications.    
Some people have had great success using duct tape to remove warts. Warts are known to be very stubborn and often difficult to get rid of. It turns out that the fabric on the prevents them from growing. Left on for about a month the wart should be gone. Of course be sure to change the duct tape when it begins to get tattered. Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd. community Richmond Hill real estate    
lemon and honey remedy Century 21 Heritage Group houses homes for sale Richmond Hill Markham Lemon and honey work together to combat sore throats. It is said that a spoon filled with honey ingested orally can ease children’s coughs better than over the counter cough medicine. Mixing a tablespoon one part lemon juice and one part honey combined and placing in a microwave for twenty seconds to warm creates this homemade remedy. Although it is said that honey is not safe for children with allergies or babies under the age of one, parents should exercise caution. Also, over warming mixture can cause scalding so be sure to test before use.    
We are so use to eating cucumber in salads or with our favourite dip, but did you know that cool cucumber can assist in areas of minor swelling? Cool cucumber slices help soothe skin when it is experiencing swelling or feeling hot. Cucumber slices are known to be used to decrease swelling or puffiness from under eyes as well. Be use that when using this method you are sure to replace cucumber slices so that they always feel cool to the skin.  Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd relaxation cucumber remedy houses for sale homes    


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