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Household Spending

Interesting article, sheds some light.

Cold Weather

Cold getting under your skin? or better yet, getting into your home. You should check the chalking around all your windows to ensure they are still in tact. If not, get some chalking from Home Depot and ensure all your windows are properly sealed this will help with drafty areas.  Another good area to check is under the window trims, gently remove the trims to check for large gaps between ...

Bradford West Gwillimbury Real Estate Report December 2013

Well here we are Happy New Year, 2014 has finally arrived and 2013 is behind us. Well December finished off as a busy month in Bradford West Gwillimbury for the resale market. Here are the stats for the past month.  Type  Number Sold   Average Price December 2013  Highest Price  All  39  $434,059.00  $712,000.00  Townhome  4  $311,125.00  $356,000.00  Semi-detached  2  $382,500.00  $405,000.00  Link  2  $342,000.00  $342,000.00 Detached 31 $459,187.00 $712,000.00    ...

Why Bradford is Such a Great Place to Live

As a local resident and business owner in the town of Bradford West Gwillimbury I can safely say that it is a great place to live and work.  Bradford offers fun, friendly and safe neighbourhoods for new families and those looking to relocate somewhere with a more small town feel.  Bradford is home to a brand new leisure facility and library. With great school systems on both Catholic ...

Blackberry to sell its Canadian real estate holdings - 3 million sq.ft approx

17 Things To Know When Closing Your House Deal

Closing day in a house deal is a milestone for both the seller and the buyer. To make it go smoothly, it is very important that both buyer and the seller are properly prepared. Here’s a checklist if you are selling: 1. Make sure you have given your lawyer a copy of any deed, mortgage, survey and current property tax bills. You should have received these from your lawyer when you bought the ...

Early Occupancy Fees When Buying A New Condo

When buying a new builder's pre-construction condominium, it is important to know about the occupancy fees.   The Condominium Act requires the condo developments to be constructed to a substantial level prior to registration of the condominium plan. Title to a unit cannot be transferred until the condominium is registered.   Thus, with newly built condominium apartments, there are ...

Buying A Recreational Property For Investment

Despite the economic downturn, many Canadians are still dreaming of owning a recreational property, both as a long-term investment and to enjoy with family and friends. Canadians are willing to make sacrifices to own a cottage, and more want to use their cottage, cabin or chalet year-round as a recreational property and, for some, as their primary residence. There are many reasons why people buy ...

Understanding the Five C's of Credit

Lenders are in business to make money and when a bank lends money it wants to ensure that it will get paid back. To maximize the possibility of being paid back, the bank wants sufficient assurance that a person can and will pay back a loan. When you apply for a mortgage, lenders carefully analyse the details of your application before agreeing to proceed with financing. Many lenders determine ...

How to Protect Your Family and Home From Fire

A fire can be devastating to your home and family, yet many people ignore common fire hazards and don’t prepare themselves or family members from this common catastrophe. While a house fire can happen by accident to unsuspecting homeowners, many house fires are completely preventable. Set aside some time and effort to protect your home and family from a devastating blaze with these safety tips. ...