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Pet adoptotion fair !

This is the weekend for the first annual adopt-a-thon in Toronto !!! 100's of animals from different shelters are available for only $25.00 This is a great time to get a dog, cat, bird ..... Let's do what we can to give new lives & homes to these kids!  

The 5 Hour Bathroom Makeover

   The 5 Hour Bathroom Makeover Are you a weekend warrior?  We all have heard that kitchen and bathrooms sell a home, so here are a few tips to transform your bathroom on a budget and in a single afternoon. Fixtures First: Grab a screwdriver and replace anything that isn’t painted or glued down. Swap out the towel bars, cabinet pulls, knobs and switch plates. Changing a faucet ...

Something About Summer

You ever notice how so many people seem to be happier in the summer?   There is the obvious reason --  the sun, vitamin D, etc. --  but if you dig deeper, it feels like people are enjoying life more, trying to accomplish more and spending time with friends and family. Don't get me wrong; I love winter, I love hockey,Ii am a winter person.  But this past weekend ...

Wet Basement Problems

Basement moisture problems can range from the basement becoming a bit musty in the summer to wetness or dampness in the winter. 1) Mustiness: problem of minor condensation caused by cool underground concrete walls reacting with warm humid air   from outside or upstairs in the home.  It can be corrected using a dehumidifier to remove water vapor from the air. 2) ...

Sellers Market

Starting right from the beginning of this year, we have been witnessing a Sellers Market in the GTA.  More Buyers looking to buy properties than Sellers looking to sell, creates a Sellers' Market when homes often are being sold very close to asking price, or in some instances over asking price.  According to TREB, the Sellers' Market will hold out throughout 2014, so if you are looking to ...

Save money with ENERGY STAR® qualified products!

Good Afternoon, This week's topic is about the ENERGY STAR® and how this symbol helps Canadians identify high efficiency products in the marketplace. Here are some great reasons why you should consider buying ENERGY STAR® qualified products: -ENERGY STAR qualified products use 20 to 30 percent less energy -Save money by using less -Save the environment -All products are certified and ...

TREB Market Watch - May 2014

Jason Mercer- Senior Manager, Market Analysis of Toronto Real Estate Board explains what happened in the GTA real estate market during May 2014

TREB Market Watch - May 2014

Jason Mercer- Senior Manager, Market Analysis of Toronto Real Estate Board explains what happened in the GTA real estate market during May 2014

Father's Day Activities

   Dads often get the short end of the stick when it comes to gifts. Ties, ugly sweaters, soap on a rope, you name it. Here are two secrets about Father’s Day presents: first, nobody has ever actually wanted soap on a rope and second, what your father really wants on Sunday, June 15 is the gift of your time. So forget getting him the latest biography by a retired athlete, and make some ...
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Devonsleigh Real Estate, Heidi Shiraz, Sales Representative

The Devonsleigh neighbourhood lies between Yonge Street and Bayview Avenue in the east, Elgin Mills Road East to the south and 19th Avenue to the north. It is one of the newer communities in Richmond Hill with townhomes and detached homes of varying sizes. Devonsleigh is bisected by the railway tracks and the Elgin Mills Business Park which provides job opportunities to many of the town residents. ...