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Source: Ontario's Growth Strategy Update

2011 marks the 5th anniversary of the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, 2006 – Ontario’s 25-year plan for managing growth.

How is the Growth Plan Working So Far?

The Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, 2006, is a 25-year framework to manage growth. It is a plan to promote healthy communities, keep the economy strong and protect the environment. The Greater Golden Horseshoe, with Toronto at its centre, is Ontario’s fastest growing area. Every year this region continues to attract newcomers and new investments. The Growth Plan was put in place to ensure that the benefits of this population and economic growth are maximized, at the same time as minimizing negative impacts.

The following pages provide a glimpse into how the Growth Plan’s policies are starting to shape this region after its first five years in place. It is early in the Growth Plan’s implementation, and much work is still to be done in partnership with municipalities, community groups and the private sector to achieve the success of Canada’s largest urban region.

Click on the links here or on the icons below to learn more about how the Growth Plan is working:
Curbing Sprawl
Revitalizing Downtowns
Creating Complete Communities
Increasing Transportation Choice

By creating and implementing the Growth Plan, the Province is creating the conditions for a strong economy and a healthy environment. To read more about these key objectives, click on the icons on the right hand side.

Growth Planning and the Economy
Good growth planning is essential for building a strong, resilient economy. Vibrant, well-planned communities offer a high quality of life and attract businesses and the skilled workers they employ.

Growth Planning and the Environment
Good growth planning is good environmental policy. Managing growth in the Greater Golden Horseshoe will protect Canada’s best agricultural lands and valuable natural heritage.
The Province is also supporting the implementation of the Growth Plan through infrastructure planning and investment.











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