Retractable Awnings Protect and Extend Summer Fun.

Retractable Awnings Protect and Extend Summer Fun

Everyone wants to enjoy the beautiful weather that summer brings. But the warm sun and damaging rays sometimes force us to retreat inside, where we crank the costly air conditioning to stay cool.

Creating an outdoor room is a great way to expand your home's living space without the cost of an addition. Retractable Awnings expand homes by turning decks and patios into added living space, combining the comfort of the indoors with the enjoyment of the outdoors.

During hot summer days, an awning provides a simple solution that shields out harmful sun rays while keeping you cool. It also helps homeowners conserve energy and therefore save money because awnings block the sun from entering the home through windows. Not only do your cooling costs go down, your furniture and carpet are protected from fading.

Awnings are fully customizable and available in a wide variety of style options with over 200 vibrant 100% acrylic fabric colours and patterns to complement any décor.

Some brands come with an optional wind or motion sensor which allows awnings to automatically retract when wind speeds reach a predetermined level, preventing awning damage. A sun sensor can also be added to allow for automatic operation determined by the sun's strength. Also, an interior wireless remote control is an option that provides easy-access operation. When not in use, awnings can be easily retracted, safely stored, and will subtly blend in with the exterior beauty of any home.

On those summer days when it normally would be too hot to be outside, awnings enable homeowners to fully embrace the season creating their vacation oasis right in their own backyard, and there is nothing cooler than instant shade at the touch of a button.

Awnings and shade structures come in a variety of styles, and even oddly shaped patios can be covered with retractable awnings. Retractable awnings operate with a crank or motor, and they don’t require any framework. Awnings that retract are perfect for families with large outdoor pets that may be a bit rambunctious around freestanding structures.

Awnings are visually stunning while harmonizing with the architectural design of any home or commercial building, so they capture attention in a way that complements your existing structure. With a decades-long lifetime, retractable awnings can bring beauty and panache to a building in ways that surpass any other comparable landscaping or enhancement, and this beauty is something many home owners appreciate. With retractable awnings, you can expand your usable living space outdoors for a much smaller price tag than new construction or remodeling.

Match your awning to the style of your choice and it truly becomes an extension of your home's personality.

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