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Bradford West Gwillimbury Real Estate Report November 2013

Welcome to my Blog! I will be keeping you up to date with the sales each month in Bradford West Gwillimbury. I will post an in depth view for you to see and hopefully understand what the resale market is like in BWG.

Type                        Number Sold       Average Price November 2013         Highest price
All                            37                         $417,722.00                                       $630,000.00
Townhome              2                           $307,000.00                                       $317,000.00
Semi-Detached       3                           $275,000.00                                       $390,000.00
Link                         8                           $360,550.00                                       $395,000.00
Detached                24                         $463,721.00                                       $630,000.00

The Market in Bradford West Gwillimbury for November 2013 has seen 37 resale homes sell with an average price of $417,722.00. The sale of townhomes and semi-detached homes have been light this month due to lack of inventory. For those of you in newer townhomes, don't be frightened by these numbers as they are for older townhomes on the east end. I am keeping link homes separate from detached homes, although some may appear like detached but are attached underground by the foundation. Other link homes are attached by the garage only. Many of the new builders in the west end of town have abandoned the idea of building link homes in the past 5 years, and built semi-detached, townhomes and detached homes instead. Detached homes had an average resale price of $463,721.00 in the month, being the most popular style and the most abundant.  Here is a chart for a breakdown of the detached homes sold in the month of November.

Detached Type           Number Sold            Average Price November 2013       Highest Price
Bungalow                    8                               $452,738.00                                     $630,000.00
Raised Bungalow        2                               $359,950.00                                     $375,000.00
Split Level                   1                               $365,000.00                                     $365,000.00
2 Storey                      13                             $494,038.00                                     $590,000.00

As you can see, 2 storey homes have the highest resale average price of $494,038.00 and are still the most popular style, giving families maximum living space. Only a couple raised bungalows and 1 split sold in the month of November. The new builders are also not building any split level homes in the west end, sticking to the other 3 styles of homes. Bungalows are growing in popularity as the baby boomer generation starts retiring and don't want stairs in their main living area, increasing the average price to $452,738.00. A further breakdown in the next chart looks at detached 2 storey homes and garages.

# of Bedrooms      # Car Garage        Number Sold           Average Price November 2013
3                             1                            1                             $368,000.00
3                             2                            3                             $472,667.00
4                             1                            1                             $401,500.00
4                             2                            8                             $529,375.00

This chart reflects the month of November and the average resale price of detached 2 storey homes only. The sales of 1 car garage in this category were very light and was a smaller home in the 3 bedroom category, giving the impression a 2 car garage home is over $104,000 more. But this is not the case, as this is only due to the size of the home. The 4 bedroom category shows the same depiction as the 3 bedroom, but with over $127,000.00 difference with an extra garage space. This is due to the 1 car garage being an older and smaller home than the average 4 bedroom, 2 car garage home. Remember these are averages and reflect the sales for November 2013 only.

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All market information was retrieved from Toronto Real Estate Board.

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