Searching For The Right Home

Searching for the Right Home 

Being very clear about your housing needs is the starting point of a successful house hunt.  Make a list of your priorities, and only go to properties that have those features. Falling in love with a home that's too big or small for your future needs, or a fixer-upper if you're not handy, could mean problems down the road. 

Working with a local realtor who understands your needs can help you narrow down your search and make home viewings much more efficient. 

Buyers spend an average of six to eight weeks trying to figure out where they want to live.  However, once a neighbourhood is selected, most buyers end up purchasing a home after a few home tours. 

Home Buyer's Tip

Create a House Hunting Toolkit 

Here are some "things to bring" on your excursions:  

· A notebook
· A digital camera
· A tape measure (to see if your larger furniture will fit in a new space)
· A small flashlight
· A street map of the area

Having these items on hand can make looking at properties more productive.

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