Summer Safety

The summer is when kids get off of school, pools are open, theme parks are packed with people relaxing and having fun.  But it is also when unsupervised accidents tend to happen more. 

Pools in your back yard are a great way to stay cool in the summer, have fun with friends and family and enjoy a great barbeque with the people you care about.  However, young children need to be supervised when playing in and around a pool.  Last week in the states, a father was napping and his young child fell into the pool in the backyard and unfortunately drowned.  The best way to avoid these accidents is make sure your pool is gated in the backyard -- not only a fence around your property, but a secondary gate around the pool.  Also, make sure children are always supervised while playing in or around the poo, and that that they know the rules and safety precautions as well.  Make sure there is a qualified adult with the required safety skills just in case anything happens. 

There is always time for fun, but make sure everyone is safe while having fun.  Don't forget your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen in the sun, and make sure that young children are always supervised to best avoid accidents.

Enjoy the sun!!!

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