Thank You Tim Hortons

It seems that the busier I am as a real estate agent, the less time I have to cook. Many times in the past I have made up for this lack of time by stopping at Tim Hortons on the way to or from the next appointment. And there was a time when I didn't feel I was abusing my body by doing so. I remember when the coffee was good, the donuts and muffins were bigger, and you could always meet several other real estate agents discussing business with their clients or just stopping before their next appointments as well.

Now, however, I barely get a good coffee anymore. The prices increase as fast as the donuts and muffins shrink. And, when I finally find a good new product, they stop making it just as I get to like it. Others agree with me.

Now, I have people calling me just to say that they have found a Tims that actually still serves a good coffee. It is like sightings of the Yeti...I almost want to send an expedition to that spot. To date, my best location is the new Tims on the highway just south of Parry Sound. But, I only get up there twice a year. If anyone can find a Tims that still serves a good coffee in the Toronto area, please let me know.

So, thank you Tim Hortons. Because of you, I have virtually stopped drinking your coffee and eating your tiny donuts. I am now losing weight and am probably getting healthier.

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