The 5 Hour Bathroom Makeover

                                    The 5 Hour Bathroom Makeover

Are you a weekend warrior?  We all have heard that kitchen and bathrooms sell a home, so here are a few tips to transform your bathroom on a budget and in a single afternoon.

Fixtures First: Grab a screwdriver and replace anything that isn’t painted or glued down. Swap out the towel bars, cabinet pulls, knobs and switch plates. Changing a faucet and the door hardware can give a bathroom a whole new look.

Now for the Garnish: Sweep everything off the vanity for a clean slate. Then accessorize with a new soap pump, tissue holder, tumbler and trash basket. The toothpaste and its cousins like cream, serum and lotion should be stowed away or displayed with other essentials on a countertop tray. Consider placing items such as cotton swabs and balls in glass apothecary jars for a stylish storage solution.

Throw in the Towels: Consider adding a crisp, neutral palette to your bathroom when it comes to towels. White is often overlooked as a welcoming hue in the bathrooms, and white towels, bath mats and shower curtains can make a bathroom feel hotel-like. Feel free to skip the crescent-shaped, germ loving rug around the toilet.

Mirror, Mirror off the Wall: What is one of the biggest bathroom eyesores? You’re looking at it. Tear down dingy medicine cabinets and funky mirrors in favour of a large, classic-looking glass. Look for mirrors that boast clean lines and not too much detail. A rectangular mirror will never go out of style. If outdated sconces flank your mirror, replace them with fixtures that offer bright but diffused light.

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