The Importance of Posture

Are You Standing Correctly?

how to stand properly with good postureStanding is something that we don’t often take much time to think about. Take a moment and consider or notice the way that you stand. Often people shift their weight to one side of their body; bend to lean-putting extra pressure on some areas or joints in the body and less on others. Although it is not realistic to always have perfect form, it is healthy to know how to correct these exaggerated positions and find a balance for your body’s overall health. Try this guideline on how to stand correctly:



1.      Stand with your feel hip-width apart
2.      Make sure that both of your legs are facing forward
3.      Your legs should be straight but the knees should not be locked back into the joint
4.      Allow your arms to rest naturally at your sides, falling over the middle of your hips
5.      Feel your weight being supported in the middle of each foot.
6.      Do not rock back, allowing your heels to take your weight, or place your weight on the            balls of your feet.

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