Tips for Summer Energy Efficiency

Now that we are deep in to summer, I would like to give you some tips on saving your electricity bill in summer. We Canadians all like scorching summer sun and spend a lot of time outdoors in parks and on beaches tanning our bodies...the simple reason for this being that we have extreme winters in most parts of Canada. But once we are indoors we all want the comfort of our ACs. Running the air conditioners throughout the summer can drastically increase your electricity bill if one is not car ful. There are a few simple things which you can do which will keep your home cool and comfortable while still saving energy and cutting your costs.

1-Replace your furnace filters regularly -- preferably every three months -- which can save you approximately $50 annually.

2- Close the blinds or pull the curtains on your windows which will keep your house comparatively cooler by restricting the sun rays and heat entering in the house.

3- Keep the thermostat temperature a couple of degrees highe . It has been established that each degree higher than 22 degrees Celsius, there is a saving of 2-3 %, depending on the size of the house.

4-Upgrade and replace your old air conditioners with new energy efficient ACs. If you replace your 15-17 yr old AC with a new Energy efficient AC, you could save as much as 26-28 % on energy cost.

5- Change your  traditional light bulbs to LED lighting which have longer life and require less energy . LED bulbs use 75% less energy and last 8-10 times longer.

6- and lastly, you can plant some trees around your house . Well designed landscaping can save up to 25 % in energy.

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