To Fax or Not to Fax!!!

I've taken notice in the last year that agents are opting for faxed offers instead of presenting offers in person.  I understand that it's much faster to take the faxed route, and I'm sure many of you would agree that it's much easier on our trees here in Ontario.  What concerns me is the lack of client service that we are giving by faxing our offers instead of going to bat for our clients.  I must admit that I'm guilty of doing this once or twice when in a pinch myself, but after talking to my very wise Broker friend in Newmarket, I started thinking about the problems this may cause in the future for us agents.  First off we are now faced with the new debate from the Competition Bureau justifying our existence as agents, and are we doing our best for our clients by opting to fax an offer instead of going and presenting face to face? What about taking the time to know everything about the property and the people that we are helping our clients buy from? Can we take full responsibility for providing 100 percent customer or client service while standing at a fax machine or scanning device?  I understand that the society we live in is changing by leaps and bounds in the technology areas, but who really suffers when we don't have the personal Face to Face time to give our clients anymore.  I talk to many people who complain that the last agent they used was so busy that they hardly got the time of day from the agent.  I find that I'm now trying to prove to possible clients that I'm willing to give them all that I can to fulfill the needs they have to sell or buy.  Let's continue to give our clients the service they deserve and earn the commission we deserve for doing a Great Job and not just a Job!

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