Typar Vapour Barrier

A few weeks ago a Home Depot associate recommended Typar as a Vapor Barrier to be used inside basement walls. I went with his recommendation and I installed Typar around the inside of my basement wall, followed by the wood frame, electrical cables and insulation. A couple weeks later I had to remove part of the insulation so that I can run another wire. I was amazed to find excessive moisture both on the insulation and on the Typar product. Contacted Home Depot and contacted Typar. Typar states that the product is not to be used inside the house. One of the Home Depot managers contacted me today and stated that the product is safe to be used inside the wall as long as there is about 1 inch clearance between the wall and the frame. Still waiting to hear back from the Assistant Store Manager. If you used this product inside your home, check for moisture. Contact your local store since you might have MOLD growing inside your basement without your knowledge. At this point I don't have a clear answer, but I am taking this product off the wall of my basement.

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