VIVA Transit Transforms Davis Drive in Newmarket

What Everyone Using Davis Drive Needs to Know

About the New VIVA Transit Lanes in Newmarket

  • Red asphalt on Davis Drive means bus lane and is not intended for cars
  • Only emergency vehicles can be the exception for use of red asphalt or bus lanes on Davis Drive
  • Pedestrian signals have an audible tone and visual signal
  • Drivers must take extra care while turning as intersections have changed


​Many residents in Newmarket seemed discouraged at the changes and construction that impacted traffic along Davis Drive in Newmarket. At some points during construction Newmarket residents seemed to feel like the road expansion would never get completed. Now that the VIVA Transit lanes are in service, residents can enjoy the benefits of this new public transportation improvement. 

VIVA Transit lanes on Davis Drive are recognized by red asphalt, you can notice them along the middle of the roadway between the traffic lanes that run in opposite directions. You will also notice bus shelters or terminals in the centre of the roadways where pedestrians and transit riders can safely board and dismount when traveling. 

Changes came to this roadway, but will also come to the surrounding landscape. Newmarket residents and visitors will notice that many trees, flowers and shrubs will be planted to compliment the expansion, and add to the "a little North, a little nicer" feel that the region's slogan boasts. 

Drivers are being encouraged to exercise caution while driving now that the construction has been completed. Drivers should stay out of the bus lanes (identified by having red asphalt) and stop at intersections early to allow for safe pedestrian traffic coming off of, or going to VIVA Yellow service bus lines. 

The new VIVA Transit expansion is expected to positively impact traffic along the Davis Drive corridor in Newmarket. Transit lanes should improve public transit ridership arrival times with these independent lanes as well as provide more convenient ways for emergency vehicles to travel along the Davis Drive corridor while making their way to Southlake Regional Hospital.


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