While you are looking for open houses, there are things you have to consider right from the beginning.  You probably found open houses on the Internet at  Realtor.ca, but you may be unfamiliar with the locations.

Location, location, location! That is the most important thing. You can always do some cosmetic changes to the house, but you can’t move it somewhere else! So, while you are driving to check out open houses, pay close attention to the neighbourhood.

Make a list! What are the most important or "must have" items that you are looking for in your new home?  Is it a big living room area, modern kitchen or maybe a swimming pool? Are you willing to do some renovations, painting, or do you just want to move into a ready home? 

Very often, a beautiful house can blind you to other important issues. You may miss such things as closet space, number of outlets, condition of the backyard, etc. That's why it's a good idea to have a list handy.

Check outkitchen cabinets  and closets to see if there is sufficient storage  space.  Don’t be shy about opening kitchen cabinets or walking into closets to get a better feeling of size. Of course, you won't be opening dresser drawers or examining other furniture that has nothing to do with the home, but whatever stays or is included in the house should be checked out.

While you are walking through the house, try to see if the layout works for you. Does it have the right number the rooms, and are they the right size to accommodate your needs? Does the price you may want to offer take into consideration the work that has to be done, like replacing carpets, painting, etc? Some jobs, like removing walls or replacing a kitchen, can be very expensive.

Don’t be afraid to ask your realtor questions about the property. That is what we do and we are here just for you. With every question answered, your dreams are within reach

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