Wet Basement Problems

Basement moisture problems can range from the basement becoming a bit musty in the summer to wetness or dampness in the winter.

1) Mustiness: problem of minor condensation caused by cool underground concrete walls reacting with warm humid air   from outside or upstairs in the home.  It can be corrected using a dehumidifier to remove water vapor from the air.

2) Wall Condensation:  High humidity level in basement.  Corrective actions include the use of a dehumidifier, air condition the basement, and Insulating basement walls and use of a vapor barrier. 

3) Seeping Water: Visible dampness on floor near wall or on wall near floor, which is most noticeable after a heavy rain.  Minor wall dampness may be solved by an oil based masonry waterproofing paint. 

4) Water Leakage: Visible water trail from crack or hole in basement wall.  Small hole may be plugged with a hydrostatic cement.  Repair large cracks by digging down from outside and repairing crack with hydraulic cement and then waterproof the exterior basement wall.



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