What You Should Be Checking in Your Home this Summer

How to Inspect Your Home & Give it A Proper Checkup This Summer

Air Conditioner:

  • Inspect the air conditioning unit to make sure it’s in good working condition.
  • The air conditioner must be sitting level and free from obstruction.
  • Do not fully cover your air conditioning unit during the winter months or it will cause the fins to rust inside. Instead, consider covering it with a piece of plywood and secure it with a rock.


  • Maintain your deck by ensuring it’s stained or painted on a regular basis.
  • Check the overall structure of your deck every spring and fall.
  • Ensure that there are proper footings to prevent your deck from sinking.
  • Proper guardrails for your deck should be at least 36” to 42” tall.


  • Ensure the entrance to your garage has a working fire-rated door, with auto closure.
  • Check safety lasers on  your automatic garage door openers and ensure that they are aligned and operational.
  • Use a wood block to test  garage door closure for pressure

Rodents/Pest Prevention:

  • Check for common rodent entry points, including open gaps in the exterior. Seal them up where necessary. 
  • Another common entry point is where the A/C lines enter the house.

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