What's Happening on Dupont?

With the news this week that Freed Developments, possibly in association with Elad developments, has purchased Galleria Mall, consistently named as one of Toronto's most derelict malls, things are looking up for this unusual little road. There are numerous development plans for Dupont which will, in coming years, change the face of the neighbourhoods along this stretch. 

Dupont has seen little development with the exception of Fuse at Dupont and Lansdown and the Foundry lofts just south on Lansdown, during this seemingly never ending condo boom. This street, so well located between St. Clair and Bloor, and littered with an unsightly mix of industrial and commercial and residential of moderate quality, is ripe for change. Bordering on some of Toronto's best urban neighbourhoods, such as The Annex, Seaton Village (my old home) and terminating in the Junction, these changes will have a huge effect on the area.


Check out the links above to see some of the changes coming to this neglected strip running through the heart of Toronto.

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