"What traits every woman should possess"

So...in the midst of all our Saturday rituals of busyness #FamilyPlayTime #HockeyPractice #FatherChildBreakfastDateTime #Friends, I paused to have Abby do a self-evaluation. The topic - "What traits every woman should possess",  Guess who pulled up a chair and stuck his face up five inches from our faces? YES! It's dada...who stated, "this I gotta hear!" "Behave!" we all giggled! (I probably should've presented it differently, Oh well, I didn't retract :))

You see... This was the second time today that Abby was lured away from an in-progress playtime with Gabby, to what seemed like a better offer with dada. No one bothered to consider what happy-go-lucky Gabby may have felt!

After...  #TheDiscussion... the Tutorial ...the enlightenment ...the facial expressions of "oh, my...me? I don't want to be a sellout" --- then came the dictionary look up of the following words: Loyalty and Integrity 

 When one looks in the mirror... wouldn't it be wonderful to see a person of integrity? A person who will not #sell out another human being for the better #offer??

 Absolutely!!! I made this about Nicola -- Abby's mother... Hubby's wife... #RealEstate Professinal


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