Winter's Coming

It's that time of the year again -- sun going down earlier, temperature dropping, leaves changing colours and falling.  We had a very mild winter last year, not a lot of snow, warmer then usual temperatures; however, this year they are predicting quite the opposite.

I have read that we should expect way more snow than last year and much colder temperatures.   With that being said, there are a lot of precautions people should take in preparing themselves for winter.

For your house, make sure all windows and doors are caulked, so there won't be a lot of heat loss and your heating costs  go through the roof.  Make sure your furnace has been checked, filters cleaned, and ready to be turned on and used.   Don't forget to turn off the water going to outside hoses. You don't want your pipes to freeze, or worse, crack.  

Also, don't forget to have your car tuned up, winter tires put on, winter windshield wipers.  And slow down when the weather is icy or slippery.  But more importantly, if you are not comfortable driving in winter conditions, stay off the road or have someone else drive.  No point putting anyone in harms way if you are not comfortable. 

On a more positive note, break out those skates, snowboards, skiis, winter jackets and gloves, and get ready for my favourite season of them all.  I'ts time to ski, play hockey, go tobogganing, trick or treat on halloween, buy presents for Christmas and Hanukkah and ring in the New Year. 

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