I have been compiling these figures over the years from information from the Toronto Real Estate Board. ( the Toronto Real Estate Board is not accountable for any errors that I might have made in entering).

The dollar value of the average price and the median price are rounded off to the nearest thousand and are shown by hundred thousand. (eg. 325 would be $325,000.)

I thought it would be interesting to show various years as I have been compiling the information since 1993. Over the years there have been lots of changes in the market, growth in the communities, economic and environmental (ie the Oak Ridges Moraine). I have also included the previous month as everyone is concerned on whether prices and or sales are up or down.

The main fact these figures do show is regardless real estate is a good investment for the long term. What I think is interesting for my clients are the number of listings on the market vs. the number of sales. So if there are 300 listings and only 100 sales then they have to definitely what their completion has to offer. However if there are only 151 listings and sales of say 90 you know that you have a good market.

The Median price gives us an idea of what the price is that the client is purchasing in some areas that are more rural this can vary, as you do not know how many are large properties with acreage, estate homes or in town properties, so one has to use caution.

The average sale price is just the total divided by all the sales. In the compiled figures you can definitely see the changes over the years.


                                1993   1998    AUG 07    JUL 08   AUG 08

SALES                           63       82      112         114         87

LISTINGS                    199      177      234         360       326

MEDIAN PRICE             180      187      316         333       322

AVERAGE PRICE           190      204      336         348       355

Over the years there have been an increase in townhouses and semis in the area, lot sizes are decreasing in size due to the growth plan. The town has a wide variety of housing from condos, free hold condos, townhouses, semis, links, detached and estate homes. There are plans still of substantial growth to take place with an approximate increase from a population of 77,000 to around 87,000 by 2031. The employment growth from 2006 of 42,100 is in the plans to increase to 49,700 by 2031. South Lake Regional Hospital is also located in town and a new Cancer Wing is being added on. 


                                        1993      1998      AUG 07      JULY 08      AUG 08

SALES                                   37        55           69            61               77

LISTINGS                            148       141         211          307              326

MEDIAN PRICE                     225       231         383          387              322

AVERAGE PRICE                   228       247         404           412             354

Aurora is around 49,600 in 2006 population and is looking for a growth to 70,400 buy 2031. The area also includes some estate properties and rural areas. It is situated just south of Newmarket and tends to get the higher prices. The Employment forecast is to increase from 20,300 -2006 to 34,700 by 2031.


                                                         1993      1998      AUG 07      JULY 08      AUG 08

SALES                                                    19        23           39             33            25

LISTINGS                                               59        59          108           156           151

MEDIAN PRICE                                      173       167          290           299           290

AVERAGE PRICE                                    173        183          301          328            307

Bradford many decades ago was more of a farming community situated just north of the Holland Marsh which is known for its farming of vegetables. It is situated in the township of East Gwillimbury just on the northwest edge of York Region and consists of Bradford, Bond Head, Cookstown, some of the Holland Marsh and rural areas. Over the last decade there has been substantial grow, extremely affordable housing for all types of buyers, be it country properties or in town properties. Growth is still strong, and the Go Train is available along with many box stores coming into the area.


                                                     1993      1998      AUG 07      JULY 08      AUG 08

SALES                                                21         14          26             26               18

LISTINGS                                           87         61           68           111             101

MEDIAN PRICE                                  195       213          332           313             371

AVERAGE PRICE                                212        239         395           370             403

East Gwillimbury in a grouping of various communities including Holland Landing, Sharon, Queensville, Holt, Brown Hill, River Drive Park and Mount Albert. There is everything from starter homes, to estate homes, to farms. This will be an area to watch as for many years there have been plans for the University town in Queensville. The Growth Plan for York Region is looking at an increase in population from 21,900 to 88,000 in population by the year 2031 and an employment forecast from 5,900 to 31,800. The last decade has been interesting with developers alike buying up farm lands.


                                                1993      1998      AUG 07      JULY 08      AUG 08

SALES                                          63         58          104             89             54

LISTINGS                                    191       184          243           390           364

MEDIAN PRICE                             122        134         250           239           225

AVERAGE PRICE                           130        149          278          281           245

Georgina Township is the north eastern part of York Region consisting Keswick, Sutton, Pefferlaw, various Lakeside communities and rural properties. It is definitely known for affordable homes, prestigious lake front properties, along with rural estates and farming. The York Region plans from the population of 44,500 of 2006 to 70,700 by 2031 and an Employment growth from 8,000 to 21,700.

Some websites to visit regarding the Growth in York Region are

MEDIAN - The median of a list of numbers is found by ordering them from least to greatest. If the list has an odd number of numbers, the middle number in this ordering is the median. If there is an even number of numbers, the median is the sum of the two middle numbers, divided by 2. Note that there are always as many numbers greater than or equal to the median in the list as there are less than or equal to the median in the list.

AVERAGE  - is the quotient obtained by dividing the sum total of a set of figures by the number of figures .

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