Clearing the Air

As discussed in my most recent post, the affects of a foul smelling home can cost a homeowner thousands when it comes to resale.  29% as reported by the Huffington Post.  

So, you know that you have a problem but simply cleaning your home is not going to get rid of years of smoke and/or pet odour.  There are a few answers to this question as homeowners do have a few different options:

  • Having carpet and drapes professionally cleaned
  • Having your ducts cleaned
  • Scrubbing the walls 
  • Cleaning all couches, blankets and cloth materials
  • etc

The above options all have various costs as well as time frames associated with them.  Additionally, they have different levels of effectiveness.  Last year a company call BioSweep came to one of our regular office meetings. "BIOSWEEP™ is a high performance air and surface decontamination system designed to safely eradicate biocontaminants, volatile organic compounds, and off-gassing odours within any unoccupied zone or building." []


The system uses only organic compounds to kill odours and bacteria.  I'm no expert on exactly how it works but by all accounts the process has been getting home owners great results.

If you are someone who is thinking of selling and are not sure if the smell of your home is working against you, I recommend first discussing your situation with a Realtor.  They will be able to tell you whether or not the smell of your home is going to be a negative factor throughout the sale.  Furthermore, we are able to inform you of the current market value vs the value of the home following the treatment.   



Is this a problem for you?

I'd be glad to help you develop the best approach for selling your home!