DV Health Services Foundation needs old cell phones!!!

The Drayton Valley Health Servcies Foundation is looking to collect all those old cell phones that are taking up space in your junk drawers or whereever it is you stash yours. Also, used printer cartridges, old digital cameras and laptops throughout the year. However, until May 15/12, the foundation has a chance to win and extra $1000.00 if it collects more phones than any other chariies participating.

The foundation raises money to purchase equipment and amenities for our local hospital that are outside standard budgets. Right now they are raising funds to enhance equipment in the emergency department. Those items range from small things such as new stethoscopes to things such as vital sign monitors and other pieces that could use upgrading in the department.

So.....lets all of us have a look around our homes and see if we can't gather up our old cell phones for the betterment of our community!!! Donations can be dropped off at Dunn Right Communications, The Souce and at the Health Services Foundation office at the hospital.

For more info or if you would like someone to come around to pick up your old phones, please contact Colleen Sekura at 780-621-4914.