Maintaining Your Rural Property's Water Well.

As a rural realtor, the majority of the properties that I list and sell have a water well on them.  Water wells provide families with water via a casing that runs down into an aquifer somewhere below the surface.  In my area, wells can be as shallow as 40 feet to as much as 400 feet.  Most wells require a pump down hole to bring the water into the home, where a pressure tank regulates the flow of water throughout the house.  Sometimes, the well is artesian, meaning that it doesn't require a pump for the water to flow upwards!  Wells require maintenance to keep casing and your home's water lines clean.  Shock treating a well is recommended once a year to remove build up, bacteria, etc. from your home's well.  If you plan to list your property, you will be doing your buyer a favour and ensuring a smooth sale by ensuring that your water meets your local health unit's potability standards.  Remember that buyers who require a mortgage must produce a satisfactory water potability test to their bank before mortgage funds are released.  Test your water at your local health unit, shock treat your well and help your home sell!

Helpful instructions and information about water wells can be found at$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/wwg411