Real Property Reports and Compliance Certificates

Preparing to list your home may include painting, decluttering, cleaning, etc., but you should consider obtaining a real property report and accompanying compliance certificate from your local county or town office before you list.

A real property report is a legal drawing of your property's boundaries and includes a diagram of  the improvements to your property, as well as their dimensions and location in relation to those boundaries.

Compliance certificates are issued by your municipality upon review of your real property report.  The compliance certificate indicates whether the improvements meet their bylaws, setbacks, etc.

If you obtain your real property report and compliance before you list, any issues with setbacks, encroachments, lack of development permits, etc. can be resolved before the property has a purchase agreement in place. When real property report and compliance certificate identify issues after a purchaser has agreed to buy the property, the sale may be lost or delayed. 

Real Property Reports are prepared in Alberta by registered Alberta Land Surveyors.

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