If you are one of the lucky Albertans who can realize your dream of owning a home in the country, you will find a few things are a little different.  In the Buck Lake - Alder Flats area, for instance, your water source will commonly be a drilled well, with a pump which brings the water into your residence or cottage.  In most cases, you will have your own septic system as well.  Common septic systems in this area include a holding tank, which must be emptied each time it fills up.  Holding tanks range in size from under 500 gallons to over 2000 gallons.  Often, acreages and farms have septic systems which involve a field, mound or open discharge.  Educate yourself about the system that exists on the property you intend to buy, or have already purchased.  Septic systems usually require little maintenance to work properly.  Check out the following link for a great explanation, including photographs of what your system looks like underground at$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex