The Rural Pursuit of Happiness

As a realtor specializing in rural properties, I believe in not just selling the property but in selling the rural lifestyle.  Living in a country setting can be extremely rewarding!  Imagine no rush hour on your way home! 
The questions I get asked though, is "What is there to do in the country??" "Isn't it boring?"

So I've compiled a quick list of things to do for rural property hunters, to get you in the mood for country living!

1.  Go hiking

2. Identify the local flower species

3. Canoe on a lake

4.  Kayak down a stream

5. Look for rough garnets in a creek or river

6. Pan for gold

7. Get a lawn chair and wait for a clear night to do some star gazing.

8. Pick mushrooms!

9. Build a chicken coop

10.  Get some chickens!

11.  Take riding lessons

12.  Learn to ride an ATV

13. Ride your bicycle down a country road

14. Host a weiner roast

15. Read a book

16. Plant some flowers

17. Help an elderly person plant flowers

18. Take the dog for a walk

19. Take the kids to the local general store for an ice cream cone

20. Watch a rodeo

21. Go to a community potluck and meet your neighbors

22. Go fishing in the local lake

23.  Learn how to clean a fish

24.  Barbeque the fish you caught!

25.  Light a campfire

26. Volunteer at the local community group.

27.  Take up quilting

28.  Get out your camera and take some close ups of insects!

29.  Go tubing on a river

30.  Have a pancake breakfast on your deck for your neighbors

31. Build a gazebo

32. Plant a garden

33. Volunteer at the local school or library

34. Build a faerie garden complete with a home made faerie house.

35. Participate in a poker rally - whether it be on foot, on ATV, or on horseback

36. Have a nap in a hammock

37. Shop at the local farmer's market

38.  Pick wild berries

39.  Make jam from those berries

40.  Learn to bake bread the old way

I'll leave it at 40 for now.  I am sure this is going to keep you busy for a while!