Be Safe This Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, we want to be sure that the families we value so dearly stay safe.  When it comes to your home, fire safety is paramount.  Never use products outdoors that are labelled “for indoor use”.  Doing so could result in someone receiving a shock or worse.  Also remember to use only safety approved lighting and make sure that the wiring is not cracked or frayed.  Turn off lights before leaving your home or going to bed and consider using battery candles in your jack o’lantern. Remember that outdoor decorations such as cornstalks and dried flowers are highly flammable so make sure they are nowhere near heat sources such as heaters or light bulbs.

When your children go out trick or treating, make sure they are wearing clothing that is easily visible in the dark and that any masks they may be wearing do not interfere with their range of vision.  They will need to be able to cross roads safely.  A flashlight is also a good idea to prevent falls and help with their visibility.  Once home, be sure to inspect their goodies before they start to devour their loot.

We wish you all a very happy Halloween and are always here when you are ready to MAKE A POSITIVE MOVE…

Sheila & Shirleen

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